Cardboard Toy House

The other day my husband brought some cardboard sheets home about the size of printer paper. He figured my son would like to color or paint them but I instantly thought about making a card board house. I have been dying to try something like this but I hated the idea of measuring and cutting out all the pieces but lucky with the cardboard sheets I didn’t have too. This project was a little more time consuming than the other projects with felt I am used to but it was just as fun. I got lazy with the decorations but my son did not mind and he truly loves it even if it’s not dolls it’s trucks that he plays with inside.

First off I started with about 11 pieces of card board for the structure you can cut and measure any size house you want but I didn’t have to because the card board pieces were perfect size. I used my glue gun (you’ll need a lot of glue) a box cutter and a pair of scissors to put it all together. I only had to cut a few of the pieces to make the top and the back of the roof and to make the windows. I did not make any furniture to go inside but you could totally add some kitchen counters and some stairs with some extra card board if you like.

Once I finished the house I decide to decorate it with some old card stock and some washi tape I had on hand. When decorating with the card stock paper I didn’t really measure so I used some washi tape to disguise the exposed card board. So if you have patience, unlike me, I highly recommend you measure when decorating so everything fits in perfectly. I also got lazy half way through decorating and left some of it unfinished.

The decoration possibilities are endless depending on the amount of time you want to devote to this project. I would like to complete all the rooms but my son loves it and his trucks don’t mind the unfinished walls. You could even hang a mini card board picture of your family inside. I used card stock and a glue stick to decorate but painting the house wouldn’t be a bad option either I just didn’t want to wait for paint to dry.

I had a lot of fun creating this little house and I hope you try to make something similar. I promise your kid will love it.


Author: Bedtimes and Broomsticks

My two-year-old and I are always looking for activities and crafts. Whether they are mess free or need a hazmat suit to clean up, we love to try new things. So I have created this blog to share some of our favorites with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

4 thoughts on “Cardboard Toy House”

  1. I used to make little box houses for my daughter and her friends when they were little. the Dollartree always had toy dollhouse furniture so I would buy a bunch of sets and little plastic dolls, give them a box, paints, glue and scissors and they would have so much fun making their little house during summer break. Your house is adorable, bet your son really loves playing with it.

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