Sweet Treat Magnets

I was searching for polymer clay ideas and realized that Pinterest is full of them especially with Kawaii faces of which I became some what obsessed. This time I decided to try out some sweet desserts that I turned into magnets. I made milk, cookies and panda donuts.

The panda donuts turned out to be my favorite of these designs. I was searching Pinterest and came across these little donuts by @RACHN01 on instagram. To make these I used beige, pink, green, white, pink, and black polymer oven baked clay. I formed the donut with the beige and then mixed white with the other colors to create a sort of pastel frosting. Then I formed the ears and eyes with some black and finished the eyes off with a speck of white. I baked them as per the instructions on the clay pack and after they cooled I drew on a mouth. They were a little more time consuming than the cookies but well worth it. To finish them I added adhesive magnets to the back I purchased at Walmart.

The cookies were so easy! I got the idea from OOak Mini World. I formed a flat circle with my palm so the edges would be lower and formed little balls with an assortment of colored clays as seen in the picture. I then took the balls and pressed them on to the beige circle including the eyes. I used black and speck of white to get the Kawaii look. Once they cooled I drew on their mouths and attached the magnet to the back. The milk patten was from Clay Creations ForEver. To form it I created a flat square and cut too corners off then put a strip of blue and cut the excess. I formed the eyes like I did the cookies and when it was baked and cooled I wrote milk and added a smile.

These were really fun to make because I actually needed magnets and they would also be great as gifts. Especially the cookies because they are easy and you can make a ton. So go get some clay and fill up your fridge with these cute little DIY magnets.


Ribbon Tag Cloud

One of my friends just had a baby girl and I was racking my brain for what to make her. I came across the idea of a ribbon tag stuffie. I thought this was the cutest idea for making something out of felt for an infant. I came across a lot of styles of stuffies but I just fell in love with the idea of a cloud. So using what I had on hand I roughly measured my ribbon the length I desired and got to work on the felt cloud.

This project was a little time consuming just because of the ribbon size. If you choose a larger ribbon selection you’ll spend less time than I did glueing all the tiny ribbons in place. I cut out my cloud (I used a cloud ring dish for the shape) sewed the face on and put it aside. I then took my ribbon and cut it two times the size I desired so I could fold it in half ( instead of gluing two times as much your just gluing the fold in the ribbon).

Instead, of gluing the ribbons directly to the cloud I cut a strip of felt and arranged the ribbons randomly along it so that I could make sure they were secure and to prevent the glue from getting in the way when I sewed the cloud closed. So once I had all the ribbon attached to the felt strip I sewed and stuffed the cloud half way inserted the strip with the ribbon and was able to sew the cloud closed. Make sure you leave the bottom open so you can place your strip of felt with all the ribbons in the center. This made me feel more confident that the ribbons would not come loose because it is both glue and stitched.

I could not be more happy with the end result. When I was looking at this particular ribbon tag idea a bunch popped up on Pinterest like all sort of animal faces. So you don’t need to just make a cloud you could make a lion or a little purse. Hope you create something just as fun as this ribbon tag idea.

Clay Miniatures

I love working with clay! I made some more miniatures out of the oven bake clay and I could not be more pleased with the results. I made miniature mountains and books. These are both my favorite projects because they were so easy and quick to make.

The mountains were very simple and only required four small triangles two in beige and brown and two in white. You want to make the brown triangle bigger than the beige and you want to use the tops of those pieces to measure out the white caps. Once you make your two small white triangle mountain caps cut out small triangle chunks from the bottom so it looks a little jagged. Then put the mountains together and bake as directed.

The books were just as simple. I cut three small rectangles from white and a small amount of beige to make the pages. Then I took a box cutter and went along three sides of the rectangle to make it really look like pages. I found that if you go over the two exposed corners of the rectangle with the cutter the pages look even more realistic. Then roll out three thinner and longer rectangles for the cover and place the pages inside and trim the excess I used a tooth pick to make the binding line.

Both of these ideas could be made into pins or magnets but are just as cute being on display by themselves. They wold also make the best gifts for the certain mountain climber or book addict in your life.

Polymer Clay Creations

Lately I have been dying to make something different so I started using polymer oven bake clay. The internet is full of cute and easy clay ideas so I decided to share some of my creations. I made a few minitures and even some ring dishes. These were super easy to make and they came out so pretty.

I rolled the clay out about ¼ of an inch thick for the dishes and used a ramekin to give it the curved edges. To create the marbled look just roll the different colored clay into strips and twist together until you get the desired marble effect. Don’t mix the clay to much or you’ll end up with the colors blending into one. I used gold and silver paint markers for the rims. They were so easy and there are a ton of ideas on Pinterest to personalize them to fit your own style.

I chose simple designs for the animals and the robot too so they were just easy. I used a pen to create the curve for ears and I basically just shaped the bodies with my fingers, blending any imperfections. The robot was mostly all by hand but its a simple design that anyone can make.

These are great to give as little gifts especially for someone who has a favorite animal.

Orange Felt Kitty

My friends son loves cats so I decide to make him his own little orange felt kitty. It was a simple design that was fun and easy to make so I just had to share. I also drew out a template that shows you what you need. I usually don’t show my templates but this one was really cute so I just had too.

I used orange and light orange felt for pretty much the whole cat. As you can see in the template I listed all the items you will need to make this felt kitty. It’s a little scattered but that’s just how my brain works best. Basically I cut all the felt and ended needing to make a few alterations to the original design. Then I stitched him up and used the hot glue for the stripes.

I hope you try to make this cute kitty and maybe even some tiny cat accessories. Happy crafting!!

Frozen Dog Treats

Now that the weather is getting warmer I can tell my dog is really feeling the heat. The last time I was at the store I found these cute little silicone bone shaped ice cube trays and I just had to buy them. This was a perfect way for my dog to get a small frozen treat on hot days. These are no bake frozen treats that will make any dog go crazy.

Basically I added equal parts of peanut butter and smashed banana, mixed them and add them to the mold. That’s it, so easy! My dog goes crazy for these and the fact that they are bone shaped just makes them perfect. You don’t need to use peanut butter and banana either you can make any flavor frozen treat your dog likes. I even just make him regular ice cubes with water when I am feeling lazy and he still loves them.

My dog is easy to please and if yours is too then they will love anything you give them, especially if its frozen on a hot day. Hope you make your pups something cool this summer bone shaped or not.

Cardboard Toy House

The other day my husband brought some cardboard sheets home about the size of printer paper. He figured my son would like to color or paint them but I instantly thought about making a card board house. I have been dying to try something like this but I hated the idea of measuring and cutting out all the pieces but lucky with the cardboard sheets I didn’t have too. This project was a little more time consuming than the other projects with felt I am used to but it was just as fun. I got lazy with the decorations but my son did not mind and he truly loves it even if it’s not dolls it’s trucks that he plays with inside.

First off I started with about 11 pieces of card board for the structure you can cut and measure any size house you want but I didn’t have to because the card board pieces were perfect size. I used my glue gun (you’ll need a lot of glue) a box cutter and a pair of scissors to put it all together. I only had to cut a few of the pieces to make the top and the back of the roof and to make the windows. I did not make any furniture to go inside but you could totally add some kitchen counters and some stairs with some extra card board if you like.

Once I finished the house I decide to decorate it with some old card stock and some washi tape I had on hand. When decorating with the card stock paper I didn’t really measure so I used some washi tape to disguise the exposed card board. So if you have patience, unlike me, I highly recommend you measure when decorating so everything fits in perfectly. I also got lazy half way through decorating and left some of it unfinished.

The decoration possibilities are endless depending on the amount of time you want to devote to this project. I would like to complete all the rooms but my son loves it and his trucks don’t mind the unfinished walls. You could even hang a mini card board picture of your family inside. I used card stock and a glue stick to decorate but painting the house wouldn’t be a bad option either I just didn’t want to wait for paint to dry.

I had a lot of fun creating this little house and I hope you try to make something similar. I promise your kid will love it.