Unicorn Stuffie

I love felt as you know so I finally made something just for me. We just added a golden retriever puppy to our family and life has been crazy. So instead of making gifts I made a unicorn stuffie. I picked a unicorn because, well, who doesn’t need some magic in their life and I just needed a pick me up. It’s been crazy in my house since the dog and I just needed a way to relax and reward myself for keeping three little animals alive.

I cut the felt and let the magic happen the Unicorn was more work than I am used to because of the body and legs. I recommend drawing your design right on the felt before you cut it out just so the body will be proportional. Also this lets you get a glimpse of what it will look like. Make sure you reverse the felt so you can not see the marks you created. Then get sewing but do not forget to sew the eye on first and that the tail and horn need to be sewn into the body as you go.

The unicorn’s hair, ear and shoes are hot glued so make sure you line them up the way you want so they looks right. I also glued the tail so that it would be one piece instead of three. Hope you like it and I hope it inspires you to create something magical to escape everyday life.z


Kiddie Pool Ball Pit

We recently purchased a new kiddie pool for my son and now that summer is ending we found a new use for his old one. We threw all the plastic balls (same ones from a previous post) into it and added a slide. I put a small rug underneath the pool for some cushion and let my kid go crazy. This turned out to be another So I set the make shift ball pit up in our living room and reclaimed my couch. awesome ball pit idea that is guaranteed to keep your kid entertained. I recommend you watch your child when they play on this because it tended to move about. If you don’t have the space for the pool in your home this would work amazing outside, as well.

This keeps your kid active in the house especially on bad weather days and it is another way to use those old ball pit balls that are taking up space in your basement or attic.

5 Simple Things That Made Our Summer

1. Sun block

No one is tougher than the sun so this was a must. I was using a random brand that I had bought on sale when I noticed my kid’s skin was getting a slight rash so after a quick google search I found Neutragena…… . It was definitely a small bottle for the price but it is worth it. I got it on sale wi=hitch was a plus because I was going to buy it anyways so I I got money off the second one. You can use it sparingly because it stays on almost to the point it didn’t want to wash off with soap. I put this on my child every day so the switch made me feel a lot better, knowing his skin wouldn’t be irritated anymore.

2. Kiddie pool

You could not get my son out of his kiddie pool. We upgrade this year and it was one of the best things we did. We ended up with a super cheap blow up pool that was exactly what we needed. The best thing about this pool was that the bottom was not slippery at all. My two year old son could stand up without fear of a slip and fall

3. Chalk

We have a long paved driveway and my son would draw for long periods of time giving me a chance to sit and enjoy the summer. He also loved when I joined in on the drawing reciting the letters or shapes I would draw. Everyone loves chalk.

4. Bubbles

My husband bought one of those giant bible making kits and we were hooked. All three of us had a blast watching the giant bubble float away or be popped it. You don’t need to buy the big bubbles regular bubbles are always great too, especially, if you have a bubble machine. You can sit back and enjoy a back yard full of bubbles.

5. The right shoes

This was a hard lesson. You want shoes that will dry fast. No one likes damp or wet sneakers. You also want something better than just a flip flop for younger kids. We settled on a faux croc type shoe and we were pleased. It was made of a light weight resin material that dried instantly. We got them at walmart very cheap and worth every penny.

Three Beginner Sewing ideas

Ive been struggling to keep myself busy and I found the perfect craft. My husband bought me a sewing machine about 3 years ago and I never touched it until now. I was at my local craft store when I found the cutest material and I just had to have it. I am not advanced in sewing, at all. I am more of a beginner with limited ability but it is still so much fun to use the machine and make something. I made draw string pouches, coasters and even mug sleeves. The draw string pouches were something I made as a child on my moms sewing machine so I had a lot of fun making these. They are the easiest sewing project in my opinion. The coasters and the cup cozy took a little more effort because I used felt to insult them and they were a little more complicated to complete. But they are totally worth it. **Don’t worry if your coaster are not the same size. Once you have them completed it will be hard to notice especially if you make a group of four. Anyone can make these with only basic sewing skills, they are just so easy. Most of the patterns are free on the internet, just google search what pattern you are looking for and that is it. Most of simple patterns will come right up. If you are somewhat familiar with a sewing machine you might be able to just look at what I have created and not need a pattern at all. These three ideas are very common sewing projects for beginners and you don’t need a ton of fabric on hand. I intend to make more around the holidays and give them as gifts and use the pouches to wrap gifts, as well. I just wanted to share what I have created with you and I hope it encourages you to try something new.

DIY Volcano

This DIY volcano was so much fun and so much easier than I originally thought it would be. My almost three year old was amazed when we poured the vinegar in and it erupted. All you need is baking soda, vinegar, water, and dish soap to cause the foaming reaction. I grabbed a tin foil pan, a paper coffee cup and a piece of card stock cut and taped into the shape of a volcano. I made a few lego trees and added some red food coloring to make it look a little more like a volcano but you can just use cups or you can make it with clay and rocks and really go all out. I did a Google search for “DIY kid volcano” and the ingredients popped right up (Thank you PBS). I didn’t really measure the ingredients I just sort of added equal parts of water, vinegar, a little less than half a cup of baking soda and a tsp of dish soap. I am sure if you do some searching you can find exact measurements. Mix the water, dish soap, food coloring and baking soda together in the volcano. This was a little challenging because I had already taped the cup to the inside of the volcano so I mixed the mixture in another bowl and used a funnel to pour the mixture into the volcano top. (Make sure the cup that is in the volcano can hold the baking soda mixture or it will leak out of the bottom). Then I added the vinegar and to my and my sons amazement it started to overflow with pink foam. This was so much fun and I was surprised it worked so well. It’s all pretty much kid safe, too! It does reek of vinegar so do it outside if your sensitive to the smell. Hope you try this with your child it seems like it would be fun for any age!

Cloud Dough

This wasn’t one of my sons favorite sensory play activity but it definitely was up there as one of mine. I found this idea of cloud dough and thought what an awesome recipe and so easy only two ingredients. And it was easy! It was a little messy but I would say worth it. The two ingredients are just four parts flour and one part oil (I used vegetable oil but you can use baby oil as well).
I got an old pan out and mixed and kneaded the ingredients. You want to combine the flour and oil as best you can so that when you use a mold it will somewhat hold its shape. I looked at it like a mini zen garden. I enjoyed squishing it and the weird texture. I threw some mini sand toys in for extra fun.
My son was not very impressed with this new texture so it pretty much sat untouched but, I think, bringing this outside and putting it in his water and sand table (minus the water) would be more fun. In all worth a try because the ingredients are something you most likely have on hand.

Home For Missing Socks

I saw some ideas like this as I was browsing some laundry room DIYs and I fell in love. A home for lonely socks that have lost their mate how cute! Usually I like to use the crafting materials I have on hand so I already had all the materials including a couple mix matched socks.
It was so easy to create and I really liked the play on words. I used paint stencils, acrylic paint and mini clothes pins, all I of which I had on hand. The wooden plaque was also left over from a previous project. I wanted to keep it simple so I just painted the letters using the stencils without prepping where they would go first. I painted the clothes pins the same color as the letters and just hot glued them to the plaque.
In all this project took longer for the paint to dry than to actually make and that’s why I love it so much. I have gotten tons of compliments on it and it only took a half hour to make, if that. Not to mention it holds socks so once you find the missing one you can easily reunite them.