Bunny Bags

Easter is almost here and what’s better than holiday diy crafts!? I was browsing Pinterest and stumbled upon the cutest bunny pouches that I just had to make. They are perfect for candies or even diy mini soaps. All you need is felt, thread and some ribbon, so easy!

I started by cutting some felt and drawing a simple ear pattern to create the body of the bunny bag. I did not use a templet but the blog “Mer Mag” has one you can find here. I made five bags and I chose to use white felt with some Easter colors for the ears and nose. You can choose any type of color or even pattern to make your own bunny pouches and let your creativity run wild.

If you don’t want to put candy in these cute little bunny bags you can make some mini soaps like I did or you could fill them with some home made Easter crayons. All you need is a silicone mold. I had an Easter themed mold lying around from an earlier Easter blog post. You don’t need to make your own crayons you can always fill the pouches with regular crayons, you just might need to take them out of the box first.

I hope you try this craft yourself and spread some Easter joy.


Mini Dino World

This post was inspired by an egg filled with mini dinosaurs. I just fell in love with the little dinosaurs and had to create something that my son would enjoy playing with. This was a little challenging because of the size but it was pretty easy once all the felt was cut.

I had a small tin that worked perfectly to create the miniature dino habitat and tons of scrap felt. I measured what I needed for the back drop and the floor of the tin and started to cut. Before I glued everything I spread out all the pieces and took pictures of both the top and bottom, just in case you wanted to recreate this little craft. I also made sure everything fit into place before I started to glue everything down and add the real rocks. I cut out one more piece of felt creating a cover then I added a really cool dinosaur sticker and some ribbon.I added four out of the eight mini dinosaurs and they fit perfectly. My son was interested but not as much as I was with the little world I had created. I think he will appreciate it more when he’s a little older, maybe four or five. It’s compact and would fit into a pocket or a backpack making it perfect if you and your child are always on the go.

I had a lot of fun making this tiny world even if it took way longer than it looks. I promise if you are thinking of making one they are worth it!

Felt Shamrock

So I was searching for a cute St. Patricks Day craft idea and I stumbled upon the cutes felt shamrock. I fell in love with how many uses I could find for these little guys. You can make them into pins, spread them out on a dinning room table, put them on a wreath to give it that extra flare or you could even turn them into magnets. They are so easy to make too!

I found a few sites on Pinterest that had the same shamrock pattern but the one I found that help me personally the best was from Molly and Mama. Don’t feel scared because there is a little sewing involved because its only a one stitches to pull everything together. If you need help figuring out the right way to make the perfect shamrock take a look at the link to the tutorial.

I ended up giving some as gifts. I figured my aunt could pin the little shamrock to her coat and my mom could just stash hers in her purse for luck. They are too cute not to share. I also hung them from some trimmed branched i keep in a bottle with some corks. I just love how they look clipped to the bare branches.

I hope this inspires you to create something lucky for St. Patricks Day.

What Gets Us Through Winter

Just some simple things that get us through the winter months.

1. Paint

Paint seems obvious but sometimes its just a mess. There are so many ways to paint. You can use ziplock bags and tape them to the window or you can tape down a piece of paper from a big roll (wrapping paper or brown packing paper). And don’t forget water colors either if you want something quick. He really loves to paint and depending on the sized the art work we usually display it.

2. Snow

We get a lot of snow during the winter months so we have no choice but to embrace it. My son loves to roll around in it and smash ice but mostly he loves to go sledding. We also tried to paint the snow with water colors. I intend to get some cheap spray bottles and use water and food coloring next time.

3. Print Coloring Pages

This is one of my favorites. I usually search Pintrest and find some holiday printable coloring pages for my son to color. We get all his supplies out and when hes finished I either hang them or give them to his grandparents. He likes coloring the different holiday pictures and hopefully it teaches him to relate the images with the holiday.

4. Play Dough

In our house play dough is strictly a “play at the table” toy. It still seems to get everywhere but at lease it doesn’t get stuck to my couch or carpet. We have a bunch of gadgets to shape the dough and my son seems to love it. It’s a cheap way to entertain your kid in doors whether you make it from scratch or you buy it. We keep it all in a box so when my son is finished we put the play dough and the accessories inside for easy clean up.

5. Cardboard Boxes

We have an Amazon addiction in my house so there is always some type of box lying around. Some of the boxes are usually big enough for my three year old to sit in but even when they are smaller he loves to color them. Whether he is sitting in them or not he loves to fill them with his coloring supplies. This is a great way to keep your kids entertained and if you want you can even make them a car out of the boxes. I never did this but there are a lot of DIY cardboard car templates floating around on Pinterest.

Hopefully some of these ideas will get you through the winter months too!

Valentine’s Day Wall Art

I was looking for a great DIY Valentine Decoration for my front door and I came across hearts made from yarn and pipe cleaners. The idea was so simple and the results were so beautiful. I love making my own wall art especially when it is holiday themed. So if you have some extra yarn lying around this is the project for you.

The first thing you have to do is form hearts out of the pipe cleaners. I made a variety of sizes by just cutting the pipe cleaners. Don’t be too concerned that your heart isn’t perfect because once you start wrapping the yarn around it’ll start taking better shape. Next thing is to take your yarn and start wrapping it around the heart, leaving a little extra so you can tie it off when you are done. I used string to hang them from a small branch I got from a tree in my backyard. Before I strung them on the branch I choose what position I wanted the hearts to be in ordered to know how long I needed to cut the strings. Lastly, I secured a ribbon on both ends of the branch so I could hang it.

It’s a little rough around the edges but for a holiday decoration it works perfectly. Hope you try this awesome craft by yourself or with your kids.

DIY Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentines Day again so that means making decorations and valentines to give to all our friends and family. I usually hand sew about four little stuffies but this year I decided to do something a little different. Instead of sewing everything I made Valentine holders with just hot glue and felt. I also made a few things to hang on the wall like heart garland and a love bug with help from my three year old. These ideas were so quick and easy and without sewing anyone who can use glue and scissors can make them.


The Valentine holders are just felt cut in the shape of hearts with a little pocket glued to the back for the sticker valentines I bought. I chose two different colored pieces of felt for each holder. I glued the two hearts together and then glued the pocket of the back (making sure the little valentines fit). Then with two little felt hearts I embellished the front. You can get creative with what design you put on the front of the holders. If I make these again I will definitely be buying felt sticker letters to make conversation hearts.


The heart garland was so easy. I gathered the colors of felt I wanted in my garland and then cut out little heart shapes. Next I grabbed some ribbon (or string) and glued the hearts to the ribbon making sure they were evenly spaced. That’s it! The more hearts you cut the longer the garland. You can also make this by cutting paper hearts too or by sewing the hearts onto the ribbon instead of just gluing. I taped some paper hearts on the cabinets to fill space and tie it all together.


The lady love bug was supposed to be made from an egg carton but my son was not having it. He ended up just painting the paper I put down to protect the floor so I decided to turn that into the love bug, instead. I cut a circle in the paper he had painted after it dried and drew just a curved and straight line to distinguish the head and wings. I had a paper puncher in the shape of a heart so I used that to make the spots. I cut six strips for the legs, two white circles and two black smaller circles for the eyes. You can make your love bug any color and use any shapes or colors for its wings.

I really enjoyed making these heart shaped creations and the fact that they we so easy makes them even better. Hope this inspires you to make something special this Valentine’s Day.

DIY Dog Bone Shaped Cookie Cutter

A few months back I posted two dog cookie recipes. They were mostly small circles that worked well because we only had a little puppy but now our puppy is over 45lbs. So I searched Pinterest for a DIY bone shaped cookie cutter that I could make with what I had on hand. I was surprised to fine a lot of different ways but the best for me was with an old soda can.

You clean the soda can and cut the can into two strips. BE CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS THE CAN IS SHARP) Fold both strips in half and then take both ends one at a time and fold them into the original middle fold. You will do this to both the strips then you bend your strips in the opposite direct of the folds you made and staple the strips together. Then you need to shape the end result into an actual bone but it was east and it worked great.

If my directions were confusing don’t worry you can pop over to http://www.pinthatcraft.com/diy-dog-bone-cookie-cutter/ for a full video tutorial. This was a great idea and it worked better than I thought it was going to.


• 1 large banana

• 1½ cups instant oats blended (add them slowly and save some to dust the surface you are working on)

• ½ cup peanut butter

Mix all the ingredients together until dough forms roll out and get cutting. As you can see cook time varies depending on the thickness of the cook but I cooked them on 350 for about 10 minutes.

Burnt or not your dog will love them.